Side Table, "The Beauty of Distortion" by Dorian Renard – Maiden Name

Side Table, "The Beauty of Distortion" by Dorian Renard

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Side Table in Acrylic by Marseille-based Dorian Renard. Part of his, "Beauty in Distortion" collection, which explores the optical and practical possibilities of molded acrylic. The project grew out of Renard's interest in glass--a material in constant flux as it is given form. Renard was interested in how the unique properties of acrylic (its pliability at a lower temperature) allowed him to develop forms unachievable in glass. The project aims to shift our perception of this industrial material, emphasizing its alluring beauty.
16" x 19" x 12"
Dorian Renard is a French designer based in Marseille, France. His practice oscillates between a fascination for materials and their mediated meanings. Through a sculptural and sensitive approach, Dorian’s work challenges our perception of materiality in a sensitive yet conscious way. Driven by an exploration of the subversive use of craft techniques, Dorian has developed a distinct language that bears the signs of being shaped by human hands. His latest creations revive plastic inspired by traditional blown glass techniques. Dorian’s work oscillates between a sculptural and functional approach.