Tim Teven Zinc Pressure Vase, Rectangle – Maiden Name

Tim Teven Zinc Pressure Vase, Rectangle

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Tim Teven's pressure vases are produced by exerting 45 tons of force on steel, causing the forms's bases to warp and buckle. Teven uses a modified hydraulic press to create the vases which are sealed to be watertight.

The pressure vase series demonstrate the beauty of what would be, under different circumstances, material failure. 

Tim Teven is an artisan based in Eindhoven, NL.

Zinc plated steel with abcite-sealed interior. Underside stamped "Tim Teven."

(L) 4.75  (W) 2.4 (H) 10 in

(L) 12 (W) 6 (H) 25.5  cm