Vessel 4 by Nico Walker – Maiden Name

Vessel 4 by Nico Walker

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Nicole Walker's handblown (or as she prefers, "mouthblown") sculptural vessel in glass. One of one. Walker's collection for Maiden Name evokes both Jugendstil-Art Nouveau glass, with its elegant biomorphic forms and iridescence, and the slugs, penises, and aliens that explore a different side of glass. Walker’s six works are presented in vignette at 21 Orchard St., styled with exotic flora and synthetic hair in a twisted material palette that seems uncannily alive.

Nicole Walker (Gothenberg, 1989) is a Stockholm-based artist, stylist, and creative director. Her practice straddles art and fashion; attuned to the exigencies of prestige and commerce, she has developed a body of work that defies easy categorization. In her glass work, she explores the entwined relationship of body and material, control and chaos. Her work offers a subtly twisted take on a traditional form, expressing a shared sensibility with Maiden Name.

H 17"/43 cm

Diameter 6"/15 cm