Ciao Mondo Beach Towel by Marco Bruzzone – Maiden Name

Ciao Mondo Beach Towel by Marco Bruzzone

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As part of his current show, Glub Club (An Underwater Turmoil)--currently on view at Entrée gallery in Bergen, Norway--Marco Bruzzone presents his oversized "Ciao Mondo" beach towel. The towels were an exclusive joint production between Entrée and Maiden Name. They were woven and sewn in North Carolina.

Glub Club explores the artist's relationship with the sea. For him, it offers a sonically-dulled void hospitable to contemplation, a scene in which the primacy of the human is displaced, and yet also an environment that has been ravaged by human exploitation. For Glub Club, Bruzzone submerged a series of paintings, allowing natural processes to take over the creative process. Evoking political slogans, the paintings show, with humor and care, the incompatible scales of the human and the natural. 

"Ciao Mondo" extends this interest in the slogan, offering winking acknowledgments of the realities of climate change as well as the promise of nature to release us from the constraints of the human world.