Hot Spot Pillow by Marco Bruzzone – Maiden Name

Hot Spot Pillow by Marco Bruzzone

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Marrying a ubiquitous icon of the internet age (the WiFi symbol) and an ancient handcraft, Marco Bruzzone (b.1974, Genoa) presents his "Hot Spot" pillow.

"Hot Spot" was handwoven by the SuMarmuri Weaving Collective (Società Cooperativa Tessile SuMarmuri), a group of women weavers in Ogliastra, Sardinia.

That this Italian in Berlin would produce textiles with Sardinian women for an e-commerce shop based in NYC brought to mind questions of globalization, tradition, craft and identity in the internet age.

Bruzzone asks us to consider how new technologies have made handcrafts obsolete, even as they have opened up new possibilities for the making and consuming art objects. 

Cotton, 40 x 40 cm/15.75 x 15.75 in